Construction Equipment Hire

Dwane Hire provides clients all over Dungarvan with professional construction equipment for hire. Our ever-evolving stock includes the highest standard construction equipment and tools, optimised for both professional construction projects and DIY projects. We also offer large scale air-conditioning equipment for commercial workplaces like factories and warehouses. We also stock cement mixers of various sizes. Some of our most popular equipment for hire includes lighting, generators and lighting rigs.

Whatever the specifics of your next construction project, Dwane Hire are sure to have the appropriate tools and equipment available at the right price.

Construction Equipment Hire Gallery

Equipment to Buy

From our dedicated Dungarvan location, we supply a range of cost-effective construction equipment to buy. Our huge and ever-evolving stock includes safety equipment and construction clothing. The equipment we have available for sale includes:

Equipment to Buy

  • Hard Hats

  • Hand Tools

  • Hardhats

  • Drill Heads

  • Clamps

  • Waterproof Clothing

  • Oil Drums

  • Tool Kits

  • Extension Wire

Our stock is always optimised to the needs of our customers, and we also strive to deliver the right products at the best possible price.

To discuss any of our available hardware for sale, please get in contact with Dwane Hire today.